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Funny, it just struck me how accomplished I was at filling these sorts of things out when I was a teenager. Introduction? Witty or insightful tidbits for a profile? Easy peasy, mcgeezy. Now I keep halting, starting sentences then jamming my ring finger on the backspace key until they all go away again. How will I come across? Charming, pretentious, authentic and awkward, or forced quirky? 

Anyway, so an introduction! My name is Tasia. I grew up in a forest. When I was 5 years old I would drop my backpack on the floor after school and scamper into my room to draw. Anything tinged with creative expression is nearer to family than my bloodline; I seek it out obsessively just as much as I recoil and run away from it.

Art demands delving in. I've battled an eating disorder for many years and struggle to relate to myself, my body, and others in a healthy and constructive way. I find beauty in many spaces. At least I try to. At this time in my life I need art to understand who I've become and what my next step is supposed to be. 

I earned my BA in art studio, I taught (and probably will keep teaching) yoga. But I think my posts and blogs speak more accurately about who I am; so if you're willing to spend the time you are very welcome to those spaces. 

Best wishes!

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