Q: What's the best way to keep up with Falling towards Grace and Misadventure?

A: That entirely depends on your preference. I have a couple of options set out for you on the right hand side of the site. For many, the easiest option is to subscribe via email, that way you are notified of each new post.

Q: How often will you be posting?

A: My goal is once a week. Years ago I wrote and posted with almost obsessive regularity, but lives change and complicate themselves. You know, like they do. If there is something you are curious about or would like to see, let me know! I would love to post my sketches and paintings in the future.

Q: I don't use Blogger or have a Google Account, can I still comment on your posts?

A: Yes! Please do! All I ask is that you be respectful towards others posting as well.

Q: What's the blog about? Why did you create it?

A: This blog is the offspring of a previous project I worked on for the yoga studio I worked at and taught at for two years. (Curious about the old blog? You can still view it here.) Every month I wrote an article/journal entry born from my own experiences and breakthroughs on and off my yoga mat. I find storytelling or journaling to be a powerful medium of connecting with others. Inspiring and triggering so much reaction, emotion and action, our differences and similarities weave a deeper soul story. My story, while unique to me, is not unique to me. My story could be yours, too. If not, we still have something to learn from each other. 

This project, Falling towards Grace, is meant to serve myself in memory and in disciplined practice, and others who want a more in depth window into what I'm up to and discovering. That's the intention, at least. We'll see where we go!

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